Essay about advertising

Essay about advertising

Advertisement always played a great role in our lives, especially during the last fifty years. With the rise of technology and media the need of advertising your products grew gradually.
Nowadays we can witness a huge amounts of different products. From the customer’s point of view they are sometimes quite similar. That is why those, who make or sell those products often use the help of advertising to promote their stuff and attract new customers. Sure, it always demands significant financial support but usually it pays off in the end of the campaign.

Advertisements are also quite popular among artistic people. In this case we are talking about self promotion. You have to prove to customers that your works are the most unique and have the best quality on the market. And if manufacturers only want to sell their good, artists are seeking potential employers and other artists to collaborate with. In some ways collaboration is also an advertising technique. Usually it is used to present oneself to new people as it allows to widen you potential auditorium and sell things you’re promoting.

With the development of Internet promoting oneself became way easier. But traditional ways of placing an advertisement still remain of a current interest. Because some people might not have access to the net but they sure do come outside where they can see a banner or car stickers.

All in all, advertising is a powerful merchandising tool that only is developing so far. But we already can witness how smart and creative it can be, changing our mind about certain products. So people should know how to resist constant influence of advertisement. Because good promotion doesn’t necessarily mean good quality products and lots of people are falling for that, believing “a fancy picture”.

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