Essay about age

Essay about age

When asked about someone’s age they often mean how old a person is. But it happens the answer sounds something like this: “Still young” or: “Already old.” The conclusion about youth or old age is not always objective. But who should be considered a young man, an adult, an old man? How to determine the boundaries of these most “yet” and “already”?

The division of human life into age periods began with the dawn of time. Children turned into adults, full members of the tribe, having passed through the ritual of quite severe initiation. And nowadays some African nationalities still have laws according to which the boy becomes an adult only after he has lived all alone in the forest for a month. Well, someone who is no longer able to hold a spear or a stone ax, goes to the category of elders.

Our society became more difficult and age categories became larger. The determining the boundaries of age categories is necessary first of all for the formation of rules by which the state builds relations with its citizens. When develop the laws on the protection of childhood or on the social care of elderly people it is necessary to clearly know who exactly falls under their jurisdiction. For doctors, educators and lawyers almost any professional action begins with an accurate explanation of the age category of their patients and clients. And for each profession these categories can vary significantly.

Accurate age determination is important in the clinic and forensic medicine. Age can be judged on the basis of data on growth, body weight, the number of teeth and the condition of the skin.

Usually the term “age” refers to the period of existence of a living organism from the moment of birth to a counting period. This period is called calendar, chronological or passport if it is a person’s age.
Age does not matter if a person is happy.

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  1. From the biological point of view, the human age can be clearly divided into young and old. And on the state of mind it is the other way around. Sometimes the worldview of an elderly person is much more active than that of a young man!

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