Essay about animals

Essay about animals

Essay about animals
There are so many animals all over the world, that it isn’t easy to classify them. Anyway, scientists managed to divide them into kinds and groups. Those who swim and live under water are called fish. Those who fly – birds. The rest are called animals. If we have a look at their kinds, we can see that wild animals differ from domestic ones.

From ancient times humans taught some of the animals to live and work near people. These representatives of the fauna became our assistants. They work for us, obbey and love. To their number we may refer cows, horses, dogs and the others. Even cocks and hens give us a profit – eggs. It’s one of the main products of food, we use in cooking and eating. The nature itself took care of people, providing them with milk, meat. We get these things from cattle. Then we prepare delicious cheese, sour cream, curds. So we enjoy everything thanks to animals. People like fish and fowl. Every year they catch a big quantity of these tasty creatures.

Animals aren’t only targets of meal. They’re our friends, too. Many people prefer having pets at home. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters become members of the family. They are loved by their owners. A part of the salary goes to expenditures for the animals: food, house, special needs. People communicate rather with pets than neighbors or relatives. The animals are faithful and sincere. They feel our mood. They try to please us. Most of them are easy to be tricked, listening to commands and fulfilling them. It is good when you come from work tired and somebody alive waits for you.

But there are hunters who abuse animal hunting. That’s unfair to take animals lives for their cute fur, as well as illegal trade of caviar. Animals see a direct threat from us, that’s why they hide themselves from our aggression. Organizations, created in order to defend animals have to prevent their killing and save each individual.

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