Essay about art

Essay about art

Essay about art
We live, work, love etc. But there should be something about all this daily routine. Art becomes such a thing for our humanity. Art has a lot of meanings and all of them are correct in a way. Music, literature and painting are kinds of art.

The main difference between a human being and an animal is that people have a sense of beauty and can create something magnificent on their own. It is even interesting how something really beautiful and important to the humanity can survive through the times. Some masterpieces like the Odyssey or the Mona Lisa are well-known till these days. That shows how people can appreciate a real art.

As for me, literature is one of the most important arts in the world. It can change or mind and the perception of the world. Poetry is even powerful and touching. Literature helps to improve our world outlook. We can travel to the different world, even to not real ones. All you need is just to have a good imagination. It helps to understand people and the reasons of their actions.

The second kind of art, that appeals to me very much, is music. It can be charming and comforting or revolutionary and rude. Anyway, it can be a driving force for a group of people or even nations. Music helped a lot of soldiers during wars to stay calm and to forget about fear. Now music can be used as propaganda.

It is not very obvious, but still. Some musicians put a special meaning in their creations. They defend their views. These views can be differentiated in some ways. Some musicians support peace and love all over the world and some of them support war and anarchy. This influences other people very much. So, be careful what music you listen to.

In my opinion, art can change us and make us better. It satisfies our spiritual needs and makes feel us better, but we should be cautious in order to avoid bad influence.

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