Essay about business

Essay about business

Essay about business
Which words do you associate business with? Success, money, travelling, buy and sell? Business doesn’t recognize those who can’t give everything for it, time, honesty, dignity. If you want to become a businessman you should be hard-working and learn how to make a profit. In many cases it depends on natural ability, because only people with definite temper can succeed here. It isn’t easy to earn money if you think of problems of other people.

The cold mind and the stream to win. If you’re not ready to wreck rivals there’s no place for you. It’s a matter of making money, but not anything private.
However, the history shows many samples when people who didn’t have any chance to become rich and successful, suddenly managed to make a fortune. The most important thing is not to miss the wave of luck. Then events will develop in a high speed, and you will be a witness of your own going up.

No pitty, no moral principles – that’s how the majority of businessmen think. They know that weakness leads to a crash. So, the law of business says you have to put commercial goals onto the first position. Primary aims are: become a monopolist or a leader, get the market in your disposal, persuade the others you are the best. If these conditions are kept, then you may have opportunities to turn into a millioner, or even a billioner. Of course, being a boss is a hard job. Many problems to fix, the staff requiring to increase their wages, competitors, capricious customers.

Business is a fight. It likes only those who are able to overcome difficulties. It demands a high concentration and energy 24 hours per day and night. If you are sure in yourself, you can open a business. Never mind whether you start with small things or do favours. When you get the first gains, the life will offer you chances to continue realizing the plans.

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