Essay about car

Essay about car

Essay about car
Cars in our time is very important and necessary thing, without which people are almost no longer represents life. Each of us moves from one district to another with the help of transport.
Now the cars are very different. Every day, a huge number of cars are produced, which then people buy.

Cars have also different price, there are expensive, there is cheaper. Cars come in a variety of colors, brands. Cars are produced in different countries, each country produces its own brand of cars, which are then exported to other parts of the globe.
Everyone has an opinion about them, everyone likes something different.

There are not only cars, but also trucks. Trucks carry a large amount of some things. There are also trailers that transport goods from one region of the country to another. Trailers can transport goods from one country to another.
There are also racing cars that are used in various sports races. Such racing cars are specially equipped.

Transport is also public, in which every day passes a huge number of people. Buses, trams, trolley buses -all types of transport.
As for me, it is more convenient for me to travel by my own car, since I can move from one place to another at any time, while I can also choose my own route.

Though cars and a fine thing, but on roads, unfortunately, often there are accidents owing to which people die or remain disabled. Any kind of transport besides pluses has also minuses. Cars are a serious danger to humans, because on the road you need to be very careful and cautious, otherwise people risk their lives.

In conclusion, I will say that the car in modern society, in the modern world is simply irreplaceable and vitally needed tool for almost every person. But the car is also dangerous.

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