Essay about car accident causes

Essay about car accident causes

Car accident causes
In the 21st century using a car seems to be the most comfortable way to travel great distances and use for transportation in daily life. We do not view cars as a luxury anymore and they become much more affordable every year. While cars as a mean of transportation have many great qualities, many people do not recognize the great danger they also pose.

Statistics show that more than 1 million people die in car accidents every year around the world. And while many of us have a fear of flying, flying at 35,000 feet in the sky in a big white box is safer than travelling by car.

So what are the most popular car accident causes? There are quite a few:
Distracted Driving
Listening to music, putting on makeup, checking social media and most importantly – typing texts are incredibly distracting actions. For the past years there has been an increased number of TV commercials that warn – even looking away for a second to text back your friend can damage your health or even take your own life.

Driving Under the Influence
Drugs, alcohol, and special medicine – anything can cloud our judgment and twist how we perceive things. No matter how little you drink at a party, a drunken mistake can cost not only your life but also a life of an innocent person.

Of course, no one likes going at 30mph especially when the weather is good. Nevertheless, speeding signs are put up on roads for a reason and it may be too late to notice a narrow road, a crossing animal or a patch of road under reconstruction when you’re going tens of miles over the speed limit.

According to data that gets updated by researchers every year, these three causes are the most popular ones among the recorded car crashes.
Other causes include bad weather, medical conditions, car manufacturer failures and many others.

We can see that most common car accidents happen due to negligence and could have been easily avoided. It’s important to pay attention to local laws, asses your driving skills objectively and most importantly – respect your own life and the lives of people around you.

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