Essay about car accident

Essay about car accident

Car accident
Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without cars. Even a middle class person can afford a car. You can get the place you need in very short time, compare to getting there by a bicycle or on foot. You don’t even need to book a room in a hotel, because there is enough space in a car to sleep in. That is all about pros of having a car.

The main and the most problematic issue are about car accidents. I bet you see a car accident with your own eyes at least once in your life. The main reason of all car accidents is hidden in our attitude to driving. In this turmoil world we are always in a hurry, which is why we make silly and sometimes horrible mistakes. An excessive speed or inattentiveness leads to car accidents and casualties. Statistic shows that more than one million of people all over the world die in car accidents per year.

The second serious problem is drunk driving. Your reaction is quite slow when you are drunk, that is why you may break too late and get into accident. If you don’t worry about your life, you should worry about lives of others on the road. Otherwise, the consequences may be unfortunate.

Have you ever texted being in the driver’s seat? If so, try not to do it in the future, because such behavior is dangerous too. Texting on a cell phone is a distractive thing, which should be banned as well as drunk driving.

In some cases you just can’t avoid car accident, but some precautions should be taken. For example, use a seatbelt every time you go by car somewhere and make sure before driving that everything in your car functions good. You had better buy a digital video recorder, because you never know what map happened on the road.

To summarize, I recommend you taking care of other road users. Try not to hurry, because we live only once. So mind every turn and every detail on the road in order to avoid a catastrophe.

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