Essay about car crash

Essay about car crash

Essay about car accident

The worst thing that can happen to a person on the road – a car accident. This tragedy can end in nothing, and terrible events. Every day a large number of people around the world die in road accidents.
Often a car accident happens in the same scenario, associated with non-compliance with the rules of the road or ignoring them by drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and other traffic participants.

Often a car accident do not end the death and disability of a person. It’s scary, and should serve as a reminder to all people that you should be careful behind the wheel of any vehicle and on the road in General.
Frequent victims of car accidents are children, which makes the accident even more terrible tragedy. Children often die before they reach a hospital where they could be helped. But this is not the fault of medical workers, and this is the result of irresponsible attitude of an adult driving a vehicle.
It should be said that the kids themselves sometimes skillfully arrange an accident. This is also the fault of adults, whose fault may suffer innocent people in a car accident. They run out on the road for the balls, then for Pets, and this is fraught with terrible and irreparable consequences. The driver can not always react quickly to the sudden appearance of a child on the road. The consequences could be dire.

To avoid such consequences, described above, you should be very careful and responsible from the very first second, as get behind the wheel of a car or other vehicle. When walking as a pedestrian, you should be careful and focused, as you risk endangering yourself and other road users and causing a car accident in which there may be victims, including your life.

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