Essay about car engine

Essay about car engine

Car engine
I have always wanted to know what make cars move. There are a lot of various details which make this process successful. As I am not a guy who is interested in cars, I can’t tell you about all of them at once. But one of them is especially important. This is an engine, which I am going to tell you about.

The fuel burns inside this engine, giving power to the pistols. They, in turn, move a car. As far as you can see, an engine is a difficult structured thing. It has a lot of smaller details you must now about. Even a person, who is interested in cars, can’t get all these things and their functions.

As everyone knows, the main purposes of an engine are to burn fuel and create out of this burning a moving power. Unfortunately, such engines produce toxic exhaust, which cause different problems in environment. That’s why a lot of countries change cars with fuel engines on cars with electrical engines.

Let’s start with an engine block. It is like a spine or a backbone of an engine. The block has different holes and tubes, which are important in combustion process. During the process of burning fuel, the pistols start rotating. This rotation makes a car moving. The air and the fuel burn in the combustion chamber. Different valves put the fuel inside the engine and take out exhaust. The camshaft makes the valves move in order to maintain the work of an engine. The timing system or timing chain helps to keep an order of movements. That keeps an engine in working state.

To tell you the truth, that is not the last detail and process of an internal combustion engine. It is much deeper and complicated to describe all of them here. Anyway, the work of an engine is an interesting thing to get to know. But I believe, that in the nearest future all the fuel engines will disappear. That is the only chance to avoid an environmental catastrophe.

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