Essay about car insurance

Essay about car insurance

In today’s world, cars have become an integral part of modern society. They have simplified the life of humanity. For example, with the help of them we can quickly, easily and comfortably reach our destination. Also, cars carry heavy objects that cannot lift people. Moreover, that is why cars are so important to humans. And that is why people insure their cars.

CASCO is the name of car insurance. With it you can protect your car from any unpleasant accidents. For example, accidents or breakdowns. You just need to pay the money and you will be given an insurance policy. This policy is valid for one year. Next year you can buy another insurance. This should be done every year. Nevertheless, the money will have to pay a lot.
There are different unpleasant situations. For example, your car had a flat tire or broken glass. Maybe another car hit you.

The insurance company will reimburse all your losses. It will return you a certain amount for the failure of the machine. But it also happens that your car burned down or drowned in an incomprehensible way. In this case, the insurance company will give you the full amount of your car.

There is also another insurance – OSAGO. Compulsory Motor third party Liability Insurance covers damage caused to third parties. Such insurance is mandatory for all motorists and is a necessity in an increasing number of vehicles and, as a result, various accidents.

The cost of insurance policy depends on the power of the car, from the region, which has its own coefficient, which affects the final cost of insurance. There are multiplying factors, if you frequently find yourself in an accident, pay for insurance anymore. If you go trouble-free-get a discount-promotion for payment of the policy. Also, the cost is affected by driving experience, age and number of drivers allowed to drive. Insurance with an unlimited number of drivers is 1.5-2 times more expensive.

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  1. I have a black box with ingenie, insured as the only driver on a 1.2 corsa as a 17 year old guy, with no curfew and no mileage limit, and from driving well i have been able to bring my insureance down from £140 a month to £90 a month so its definitely worth getting a black box

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