Essay about car invention

Essay about car invention

Car Invention
From the beginning of times people used their own feet to transport themselves from one place to another. Sooner or later people realized that you can’t go far or fast using only yourself as a mean of transportation and started using animals. Horses, camels, dogs – going far distances became easier. But that was only a start of something bigger.

During the industrial revolution first trains were invented. Despite the success, they were considered quite immobile due to being confined to tracks, so something else had to be thought of. That’s how an idea of a steam powered Ferdinand Verbiest in late 1600s. Nobody knows whether it ever came to life but it started a great revolution.

The most famous person in the car invention business is definitely Karl Benz who’s considered being a “father” of a modern car. He invented, patented, designed and built his first car all by himself. It all happened in late 1800s.
Comparing those times to the 21st century, too many things has changed since then.

If at the beginning the amount of cars that was being made and sold each year was being counted in hundreds, now it’s millions. Cars are not being viewed as a sign of luxury anymore, because while there are still models that cost millions of dollars, there are also cheap brands that are affordable.

One of the most notable things about modern car industries is that car companies are trying to be more nature friendly nowadays. It is known how harmful cars are to our nature because of the exhaust gases, that’s why car manufacturers come up with innovative ways to reduce the harm. That includes the invention of an electric car, cars that run on natural gas and other original ideas. By the way, natural fuels for car can consist of vegetables, water or even human urine.

Nevertheless, the invention of cars is probably one of the most useful inventions in human history.

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  1. Modern cars are fully equipped with automatic functions. Soon, on public roads, cars with autopilot control will be tested, but experts say this is not safe, since the car does not have a human factor.

  2. It’s always nice to read about smething from history. Now cars for us are parts of everyday life,but back in a day theyas you said were revolutonary inventions. Now when I watch fiction movies I always think about -what cars or any other modern vihacles will look like in the future, and will they,even slighlty, resemble our modern technologies.

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