Essay about car pollution

Essay about car pollution

Car pollution
We live in the world, where people forget about real value of nature and its resources. We use these resources irrationally and demand more and more every day. I am totally sure that one day it will return the favor.
I would like to single out the problem of car pollution.

First of all, such pollution is very dangerous for health other people and even the fauna. Cars produce air pollution during drive operation. That is how smog appears. In big cities like Tokyo and Yokohama you will meet a lot of people with special masks. They wear it in order to avoid the product of car driving in their lungs.

Special organizations try to decrease the level of pollution, setting standards for cities and countryside. Scientist and inventors try to find more effective solution, changing gas on electricity. Motor vehicles should be banned in the nearest future; otherwise the whole world will become a hell on Earth soon.

There are some ways of reducing air pollution, which we can use on our own. The first one is using bicycle or just walk on our foot. This variant has a lot of positive sides. One of them is good impact on health and mental state. The more you walk, the more you feel healthy. Riding a bicycle is also convenient and fun, because you can easily go through a huge traffic jam.

The second way is to buy a car, which has an engine that works on electricity. Anyway, If you have one, which works on gas, don’t get upset. In this case, you can by a burn fuel cleaner, which helps to reduce emission of toxic chemical elements. Moreover, the solution can be found in gas consumption. You can buy a car which consumes gas minimally.

In my opinion, the best way to get rid of car pollution is to buy an electric car or just walk on your own foot. That is healthy and save your money, which you can use for entertainments.

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