Essay about carnival

Essay about carnival

Essay about carnivalA carnival is a desirable holiday for everybody. This word is associated with a good mood, gladness and happiness. Where is it yet possible to get a positive, mass of emotions and impressions? A grandiose event is plugged in itself by a festive procession, beautiful suits, unique presentations and dances escorted by living music.

History of origin of carnival goes away far to history and related to the church holidays. People were changed clothes and asked from nature of fine weather for an over crop, and that quicker changed a winter springs. Carnivals were traditionally conducted in the period of Shrovetide or Мясопуста. A procession was widespread in catholic countries.

Some historians assert that the special attention to the carnivals it was begun to spare in the period of middle Ages. Later such holidays carried political and economic sense even. For example, on such holiday it was possible to sign a peaceful agreement between countries or work out the partner relationships.A self-word “carnival” in translation from Italian designates “farewell with meat” and to behave to the catholic post. Some etymologists assert that a word behaves to French. More old version says of that carnival happened from the name of the Roman festival “Rook of Isis”.

The first carnivals appeared in Italy, namely in Venice. The point is that such holidays could take the liberty of exceptionally independent cities. After a while a relay race was intercepted by refined France. Due to this country the large great number of chic suits appeared with numerous changing clothes.

Later than all carnivals migrated to Germany, they can be seen in such cities, as Mainz, Dusseldorf or Cologne. There is the own scenario of realization of this holiday in every city. The same touches suits, music and procession. The most considerable carnival in our time is conducted in Brazil, namely in Rio de Janeiro. To get on such holiday is the limit of dreaming’s.

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  1. In Germany, too, love carnivals. The most colorful-in Cologne. It is held at the end of winter. Guests from all over Germany come to Cologne to participate in a fun and noisy event. The carnival lasts five days. During the carnival, guests dress up in costumes of ghosts and spirits to drive away the winter. On the last day of the city is a carnival procession. People are dressed in different costumes, huge dolls. They sing national songs, give the audience treats and flowers.

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