Essay about cars advantages and disadvantages

Essay about cars advantages and disadvantages

Nowadays it has become much easier to see the world than any time before. We have access to a lot of kinds of public transport that can deliver us in almost every place on Earth. But we also are able to possess own car to make travelling schedule according to our own desires. No doubt, owning a vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages which we are going to discuss.

Firstly, you do not have to wait anyone to get to the place you need. You can just drive there by yourself. It is quiet convenient not to depend on public transport’s schedule or other people’s plans. Secondly, you may choose to travel in silence, diving into your thoughts, or listen to your own music. Moreover, you can control the temperature in a car in case you need. Generally, possessing a car means having more freedom.

However, when there are good sides, there are also bad ones. People need to stay awake while driving. If it is a long road, a man can strongly lack sleep. It is harder to enjoy landscapes and relax while being a driver than staring into a window in a bus or a train. Looking how fast things appear and disappear is quiet meditating.

Using a car strongly influences ecology. Cars pollute the environment. Pollution affects our health and well-being. Of course, the most important disadvantage is price of fuel. It is very expensive, and price are not about stop rising. Therefore cars are not affordable for many people. You need not only to buy a vehicle but to be able to pay for fuel regularly.

To conclude, cars definitely have made life easier. It is hard to imagine the world progressing without them being a huge part of it. We have more freedom but have to spend more money for it. Everybody decides for themselves what is better.

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