Essay about cars affect

Essay about cars affect

In 1990, cars appeared. This was the greatest discovery of humanity in those days. Many say that cars have simplified and made life easier for people. For example, they are convenient to go to work or school. It will take little time and that is their plus. There are special machines that help to carry heavy cargo, such as furniture or equipment. And it also proves that cars have made our lives better. But, unfortunately, there are also faults that are absolutely not comparable with the good sides.

As it is known, about three hundred years ago many people lived in a good harmony with nature. There were no cars. Moreover, they somehow did without them. Nowadays, in the time of overcrowded cities and towns, people use all types of transport every day. For example, cars, delivery trucks, buses, trolleybus and so on. All these vehicles pollute our atmosphere and water. Cars affect the entire environment. Because of it, suffer animals, plants and people. In my opinion, it is possible to replace a car ride by walking or bicycle ride. It helps to reduce traffic jams and the amount of air pollutants emitted into the air.

Besides the fact that cars pollute the atmosphere and water, they often become the cause of the emergency incident. Many people die because of cars. Some fell asleep at the wheel, the other drove a car while intoxicated. Some cars are broken and could explode at any moment. It is this threat of the machine. According to the research results of scientists, the largest mortality in the world due to car accidents.

In conclusion, I want to say that from all of the above should make the right choice. The choice of where the cars are getting smaller and smaller. It is difficult to do without cars, but it is possible.

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