Essay about cars and bicycles

Essay about cars and bicycles

Cars and bicycles
Nowadays it is a common thing to have a car. More weird thing is when you have enough money to buy one, but you prefer to ride a bicycle. For one hand, it seems like you don’t want to waste money at all, but some people do it in order to protect environment.

There is no doubt that cars have more advantages than bicycles. You don’t need to spend time on pedaling. It is easy to get to the place you need faster and without any physical activity. You can forget about an umbrella, because the weather outside means nothing for you when you have a good shelter as a car.

Anyway, people keep using bicycles in spite of the fact that they are not so fast and convenient. First of all, everyone can afford it. There is no need to pay for gas and other things like technical support. It doesn’t need a garage, which is quite good for those, who live in apartment. Nearly everyone can fix malfunctions on his own. If the car is broken, you won’t fix it instantly. In such case, you have to call a tow track. Just imagine that it happened with you on a desolate road, where no signal at all. What a terrible situation it could be!

Moreover, the process of riding a bicycle is totally safe for environment and pedaling keep you in fit, which is good for your health too. All bicycle riders can forget about traffic jams, as such people can just sneak through the rows of cars. In some countries, drivers must pay taxes for using cars. How lucky those people are, who use bicycles.

However, there are special bicycles for today, which have bodies and seats in order to make riding of it convenient and easy. So, bad weather is not a reason anymore to stay bicycle riders at home. With such a good cabin and convenient seat it can be better than common cars.
In my opinion, using a bicycle is a way better for a few reasons. It doesn’t do any harm to environment and improve health as you have to pedal all the time. Anyway, it is all up to you.

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