Essay about cars in cities

Essay about cars in cities

Nowadays cars occupy an important place in our daily life. The car has long ceased to be a luxury; it has become a necessary and even indispensable assistant. Cars have influence on our lives. With them, we can quickly get anywhere or carry heavy cargo. Almost every second has a car. Some people even have two or three cars.

Therefore, traffic jams often occur, especially in large cities. But despite their advantages, cars pollute the environment and atmosphere. They emit harmful gas, which affects animals and plants, and sometimes even people.

The car not only helps us to overcome the space, it gives us a sense of freedom and independence. Just 150 years ago, there were no cars at all, horses performed their function. Taxis, personal and public transport, replaced the coach crews. An interesting fact – when creating the project of the tunnel in The English channel, in the era of horse-drawn, it was supposed to move through the tunnel of coach crews. Nevertheless, they could not dig a tunnel and left this project, until better times. Horses, depending on breed, cost differently.

The same is true now, only with cars. Changed only one thing – the breed was changed to brand. The car is if not the first, then in second place (after real estate), among the personal attributes by which to judge a person. The more prestigious brand-the more expensive cars. The more expensive the car-the more money from its owner. What do we think when we see a very expensive car? It is right that his master is a very rich man.

Finally, I want to say that cars have changed our lives for the better. Now modern society can not be imagined without cars.

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  1. I do not agree with the author of the article. A personal car has long been not only a luxury, but also a symbol of a certain status. It is not so much used from a rational point of view, as it emphasizes a certain social stratum. In addition, luxury executive-class cars are still part of the style.

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