Essay about cars in the future

Essay about cars in the future

Cars in the future
How many sci-fi movies have you watched? I bet you saw one about future where were flying cars and time machines. I would like to stop on that very aspect. Talking about cars in the future, I should mention about their physical outputs.
Every car in the future will use no gas. It will fly over the pedestrians’ heads. There will be no need to use roads. For example, in movie “Back to the future Part II” we can see cars, which fly with an enormous speed above the streets. They are convenient and fast.

In movie “I am Legend” cars are even more independent. They have automatic control, which means that drivers don’t have to be in the driver’s seat. No need to worry about traffic jams and steering wheel, because car will bring your to a final destination. To avoid jams, the special underground roads were built.

There are a lot of movies and books about cars of future, but I would like to show my point of view on how the car of the future should look like. First of all, till that time people will have found out a special fuel, that isn’t hazardous for environment. The car body should be standard for every car, as well as interior. They should be safe so that even child could drive it. That will surely help to decrease the amount of car accidents and deaths. It will also be easier to transport goods and materials without drivers, but remotely and fast. Finally, such a car should be affordable. I mean that every person can print it on 3D printer or something like that. The process of recycling of such cars will be easy to do.

It appears that all these ideas are doable. Elon Mask has proved it recently. He has an idea of underground roads, which can be a revolutionary invention and change car industry and the whole world.

To summarize, I must admit that idea of the car of future is not so far from us. We are on the threshold of great inventions as well.

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