Essay about cars pollution

Essay about cars pollution

Cars pollution
We live in the world, where industrial society does harm to the environment. A lot of factories and other nuclear power plants pollute the air all around the world. But this is not the main problem so far. The most disastrous situation appears because of cars pollution. The problem not in cars itself, but in their engines, which produce toxic exhaust in the air. In turn it comes to destruction of the ozone layer.

Government of different countries all over the world tries to reduce the amount of cars with engines, which works on fuel. Electric cars are safer for the environment and cheaper.

Do you know that cars pollution lead to global warming? According to this fact we can see a lot of tsunamis, which take lives of people and bring destructions to the infrastructure of different cities all over the world. Due to such pollutions acid fogs appear. They, in turn, make damage to the fauna. Trees and plants die because of these rains. They also spoil water in the lakes and rivers. Underground water becomes filthier. This can lead to different human diseases.
One more severe affect of pollutions have been found recently. The climate changes can lead to unexpected results like floods, sudden decreasing of temperature or abnormal warm.

In huge cities air quality is extremely poor. People have to wear special masks to avoid intoxication of different poisonous chemical elements.

There are some ways to reduce these pollutions in daily life. First of all, stop using car on short distance. You can easily walk to the place you need or just ride the bicycle. Pick your colleges, friends or relatives up to the place they need. That will decrease usage of cars. But the best solution is to buy an electric car.

Anyway, if you want to live in the world with clear air and environment, you have to sacrifices something like permanent car usage.

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