Essay about cars the movie

Essay about cars the movie

Nowadays many people go to the cinema very often. Every day the cinemas are filled with a lot of adults and children. But the usual cinemas have already become unpopular. People want something bigger and exciting, breathtaking. And so a cars movie appeared.
It becomes really popular and relevant among teenagers.

Most of all people love it. Cars the movie is the car theater, which is on the street in the open air. Lovers and teenagers often visit it. Such popular open – air movies are played on the big screen. People can watch the best movies in any weather with tasty popcorn, soda and chips, and there is no need to leave their cars.

The car cinema has a very old age, reaching eighty years. However, this business is common in the West. It was in America started a brilliant idea associated with the demonstration of films in the open air. In Russia, the business is only slowly beginning to conquer the expanses; it cannot be called widespread. Many businesspersons fear that the investment of large funds will not meet expectations, because the features of such business are in its seasonality, the cars theater is able to work only a third of the year.

Watching the usual American or British series or films, you can see the episodes where lovers and friends sit in cars with a warm blanket and pillow, as well as chips, Coca-Cola or chocolate. Next to them sits their dog or cat. Moreover, all together they enjoy the stars in the sky and take pictures. There is a great atmosphere.

As for me, it is the great way to spend your free time with your friends and I would like to try this. After watching movie you will get a lot of good and positive emotions and unforgettable expressions. So, I recommend everyone to visit these places.

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