Essay about cars

Essay about cars

All people have certain dreams. Somebody wants to make a pet, but he is forbidden to do it, arguing that it is just a bell and a bug. Someone wants to successfully complete a school in order to be able to enter the university of their dreams and get a good education, which will independently break through the road to work with a great salary.
Personally, I’m dreaming about a car at the moment – it sounds weird, because in our country for some reason, male drivers are much more than female drivers.

The first car ran at a speed of 6 kilometers by city and 12 kilometers by the rural streets. Many people have said that driving a car is very dangerous. When a car appeared in one city, the residents rushed down the street to see the new car with their own eyes. In some cities, drivers were allowed only 10 kilometers per hour.

In every city and in every village we see cars on the streets. These are trucks and cars, small and large. Trucks carry food, building materials, furniture and much more. A car is a very important vehicle. Today, we can no longer imagine our lives without cars. The first cars were built in the last decades of the XIX century.

The car must be black in color – not like the sky at night, and such as wet soil after rain. It should be comfortable, a bridge, but not very large, if looking from the outside – elegant, laconic and small.

It would seem that two requirements are not combined, but with the technique of this century, people are able to invent anything! It is extremely important that the car can easily move around in the winter, because snow often becomes a problem for some cars that simply barter, being unable to ride. And also, that the car did not see before itself any problems, riding on a stony surface.

To dream is not enough. We must carry this dream, turn it into a goal and pursue it. To accomplish the foregoing, one has to work at the university and work diligently at work. There is no impossible thing – there is something that just takes more time.

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