Essay about cause and effect

Essay about cause and effect

Essay about cause and effect

Everything in our life has both cause and effect, that is the result.
For example, we do some business. In any case, it will lead us to some result (positive or negative). It is not always necessary to be sad, because the result, even bad-it is able to help you the result. It helps develop.
The consequence is always the result without which there is no reason.

If you remove the cause from everything that is not the result, you can turn the existing model into something unnecessary, devoid of meaning, since the result, as a rule, cares about the person more than the cause.
But we should not forget about the reason-without it, the law of “getting results”cannot be implemented. Something should push a person in his thoughts, aspirations to understand the deep meanings, to understand the result.
Not always the results can be what a person plans to see them.

The consequence will always be as it was originally intended.
It should always be remembered that since ancient times there has been an interaction of what is happening and what has happened. It is quite unusual option when the reason does not allow to get the result. This is possible in the case when the result of something affects: the situation, other people, events, etc.

For example, a computer is a great model when the cause and the result are a system. As soon as an error occurs in the system or in the work of applications, the result is immediately displayed, which requires solving the problem. This is the result of computer analysis of certain systems that affect the performance of the computer or part of its programs, their optimal functioning.
The human brain is built on the same principle. When a problem occurs, the brain considers possible solutions and displays the result in the form of an action or reaction (emotions)

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3 thoughts on “Essay about cause and effect”

  1. All actions have root and cause which makes them happen. It is good business practice to make root cause analysis of all activities to find out what was good, what can be done better, what need to be done another way next time. This practice can be used in personal and family life also to improve it.

  2. In my childhood, I had such a game, which was based on a unique technology based on a system of exercises developing intelligence, and not just giving knowledge of more or less known and popular facts from the life of mankind, history, geography, biology, etc. This means that to solve the tasks included in the game it is necessary to find the answer in a logical way, and not to turn to the repository of many disparate and often useless facts in later life.

  3. It is strange to read an essay on cause and effect without mentioning a famous Fishbone diagram (or Ishikawa diagram). This useful technique helps to solve problems and includes analysis of factors which cause an overall effect.

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