Essay about cause

Essay about cause

Essay about cause
Everything we do has a real cause. Even when actions seem to be foolish, there is a reason which forces people to behave themselves this way. As each person is peculiar the deeds and words derive from his own perception of the life events. The same situation can cause different consequences depending on the circumstances.

Anyway, we are guided by our interests. Also the concrete goals demand definite efforts. For example, wars are levied because one country, community or a group wants to submit the others to its point of view. Causes verify but methods to get results including many tricks.

The cause can be hidden under several lays. In cases when people pursue bad aims they scheme on illegal ways of making their plot true. As well smoking or drinking alcohol cause illnesses. That’s why agitation against harmful habits is widely spread nowadays. Whatever we wish shouldn’t cross out human vital principles.

First of all we have to find the most innocuous means to solve problems. They need more work and sometimes we feel discomfort. However, their usage is better. The cause is not always visible. We often don’t suspect what the real reason is. So, if you have difficulties with a definition of the cause you must analyze thoughts, feelings.

For maintaining of the mental health, the medicine invented special aid. Psychologists discuss with patients many issues. They start from childhood and go on with today tasks, people have to fulfill all the time. After they reveal fears, inside barriers, secret wishes, the job becomes easier. While being aware about the true cause, the motivation of the actions begin to loom. Although they say that nobody can peep into the somebody else’s soul. Just try to make yourself out to understand what you actually need and want. That’d be right than blaming the others or complaining about the life.

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