Essay about children

Essay about children

Essay children
The sense of life certainly concludes in children. Parents love their kids without thinking «why» or «what for». It’s laid in genetic level. We take care of them, worry about their health, happiness, future. We’re ready to sacrifice our lives if it’s needed to save the dearest creatures. Mothers have the strongest instinct. Women can’t evaluate the children fairly, because they notice only good qualities. And even bad ones are considered to be just weak points. Mums adore the off-springs, until the end trying to help and support younger people.

Mostly children don’t feel grateful for parents. They suppose it’s everyday occurrence. We get used that mother and father are always on our side, that they understand us and solve our problems. In fact a person can rely only on parents, they won’t betray him and will always accept in any state – whether he’s sick, unhappy, poor or unsuited.

It is not enough to give a birth, but it’s very important to bring up a polite, hard-working, intelligent child. Tomorrow he’ll thank you for these favours. Before planning kids we should make sure if we’re able to provide them with necessary things. Besides material benefits, parents have to pay attention on the juvenile’s interests. You must be informed about your child’s studying progress, friends, leisure time, dreams. It would be great if you take part in his life, attending some important events.

Sometimes we don’t agree with our child’s choice when he or she tells about the future, a spouse. But our function is to assist and share experience, not forcing to live the way we want him or her to. When children are in danger or they’re going to make a mistake, we should warn them about consequences. But their lives are given to them to feel, see, taste, try, choose on their own. So, let’s permit young generations create the world they wish to exist in.

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  1. Children are the flowers of life. They decorate our life and fill it with meaning. Adults need to learn from children not to think about the past and the future, but to live in the present.

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