Essay about children’s day in english

Essay about children’s day in english

“Children are our future” – it’s hard to disagree with that. I would say, that as time passed by the importance of kids grew. People now value them more than, let’s say, a few centuries ago. Now we can witness some sort of a cult of having children. Parents are trying to provide them with the best care possible, give them away to the best kindergarten, then school and college. It’s actually quite amazing how parental love nowadays is much more visible.

Today once a year the whole world celebrates Children’s day. Originally this holiday came from America, but for the first time it became national in Turkey. Later all other countries around the world made this holiday official on their territory and celebrate it annually.

The main purpose of having this holiday is raising awareness about the need to protect children’s rights, their welfare and creating international bond among people. Also it is a day when once a year all kinds of national media give lids all around the world the chance to be heard. Some people don’t even know how many kids suffer from abuse or don’t get the necessary amount of care and protection. Children’s day was created exactly for these purposes – making people all around the globe aware of the problems kids face every day. It is a common thing for celebrities to take part in this day, making voice of those, who can’t be heard, louder and clearer to the rest of the society.

But this day is not only for raising awareness but also for having fun and celebrating having children in our lives. This is the day when you come to your kid and give him or her a present without any special reason, for just existing. It is also a reminder to all parents how lucky they are to have children and that no matter how hard their job as a parent is, it always pays off if you put just enough amount of effort into it.

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