Essay about children’s rights

Essay about children’s rights

Everyone at least for once in their lives had heard about human rights. How important it is to uphold them. There are so many different laws that guarantee that and most of the Earth’s population can count on being protected by those laws. But what about children’s rights?

Just a few centuries ago children had absolutely no rights, pretty much like women. Patriarchal style of society simply didn’t consider them equals to grown men. But as time passed by children started gaining more and more rights and right now I would even say that they are better protected by the government and laws than grown up citizens.

In well developed countries children’s rights are among those with highest priorities. Kids can sue their parents for bad care, parents must support their kids until they are at least eighteen years old and this support must be a quality one. In case of bad care or any kind of child abuse parents can lose their parental rights and their kid can be taken away from them.

Also government takes care of those kids who don’t have parents at all or lost them due to some sort of an accident. Depending on the country the quality of this care may vary. In some countries kids are taken to special facility where they are fed, taught and taken care of until they become adults. But sometimes these facilities are trying to find a new home for their wards.

Little kids sometimes can’t tell if they are abused or not taken a good amount of care of so it’s an each county’s government task to protect them by law as good as it is possible, so there would be no chance of an unfair attitude towards them. I believe that with time our world will become even more civilized place and we probably won’t even need those laws as people will realize the importance of children’s rights and simply won’t violate them in any way.

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