Essay about communication then and now

Essay about communication then and now

Communication then and now
We all belong to society, so society plays a huge and very important role in our lives. Social activity is inherent to us from our very birth, therefore one can confidently say that people form their own society in which they live. Even the very definition of the word “society” only confirms the above-mentioned opinion.

Society is a self-sufficient system, based on the interrelations of people in the process of realizing their personal needs; it is a set of relationships between people who carry out processes of joint activity, as well as generate spiritual norms and values. Given this definition, it can be noted that the basis of any society is human relations, so the role of relations in the formation of society is very high and it is too difficult to overestimate. So let’s go a little bit about it.

From our respect or disrespect to each other at work, from the desire to cooperate, to find compromises in any, even difficult situations, from mutual understanding, attention to each other, the ability to forgive and believe our welfare depends, depends on the level of development of society,

Agree if our relations with you form a society, then we have a huge responsibility, because if we are not satisfied with the society in which we live, then this is nothing more than our fault and merit. If you start to speak scientific terms, then we must remember the types of social relations, they exist several: the relations are material, spiritual and interpersonal.
Material relations arise between individuals only in the case of practical interaction, spiritual connections are created due to the vital values of a group of people, but at the moment, I am most interested in the last type of relationship between individuals in society – interpersonal.

Consequently, the formation of a dreamed-up and desirable society is only a joint work, which is basically based on human relationships and relationships. So, never forget that what we, our attitude and our behavior are our society.

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6 thoughts on “Essay about communication then and now”

  1. The article makes you think, because communication is not an unimportant detail in our life. For many people, communication is almost wasted, although they could receive much more from it.

  2. It is incredibly important to build a society in harmonious relationships with other people. that everyone was happy and there were no problems. only this is utopia. but I really want it to be so

  3. Lots of people say “internet ruins the real communication”, you know. It’s not true at all. If someone is important to you, if you really need this person every day, no matter will you speak face to face or chat. Conversation builds on true emotions, and this rule correct even for ‘virtual’ talk.

  4. Communication with the Internet in our time makes it much easier and easier for people for some reason or other not having friends in their environment, as well as for health reasons. Telephone conversation can not be re-read again and again, unlike the capabilities of Messenger and social networks. It starts with communication, if communication is interesting – there is friendship, if friendship is pleasant – there is affinity, if intimacy brings peace and satisfaction – the feeling comes.

  5. I believe that communication in a living is much better than communication on the Internet. The Internet will never replace live communication. Maybe someone will disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion. And in life it is always more pleasant to communicate, you see the interlocutor, hear his voice, intonation. This all helps to understand a person better.

  6. From the moment of birth a person begins to communicate. First with mom, with parents. Growing up, begins to communicate with peers, friends at school. Becoming an adult, talking about work, conducts business negotiations. Without communication, there is no personal development and development of the whole society. That is why every person should be able to communicate, be able to find compromises, to observe the rules and norms of communication. In conversations, it is important to be able to behave tactfully and correctly.

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