Essay about communication

Essay about communication

We all live in the big world. Every day we encounter different people – close and completely unfamiliar. Our communications with others are very diverse, they can please us or frustrate. It all depends on what kind of feelings a certain person causes us, and how it relates to us. If we like someone, we try to make sure that this person wanted to chat with us. When on the contrary, someone causes negative feelings, we avoid it.

The communication between people depends to a large extent on their character. Good, honest, friendly people are attracted to others. Another relationship is imprinted by society. For example, a girl from a rich family does not want to talk to a boy who earns a little, despite his personal qualities.

I often wonder how much people tend to get entangled in relationships. Perhaps they are shown in films and write in books – for drama. And in life this happens. Someone fell in love at once with two, someone on the contrary married without love. Someone wants to do something, but not to make anyone offend. Another offends if he is not the only one who is friendly … It seems that it is generally a sphere of life in which it is impossible to understand or find a universal recipe for success.

Perhaps the only correct benchmark in human relationships is the sincerity of feelings. Without it, in any case, there will not be anything good. And in order to better understand a loved one, you need to be able to put yourself in its place. If you were uncomfortable and hurt, if done with you in a certain way, do not do so in relation to your loved ones. But even in this case, nobody is insured from misunderstanding. But the most correct thing is the sincerity of feelings, than absolutely everything will be ok. That’s it, it’s a very difficult thing, human’s communication.

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