Essay about computer

Essay about computer

Essay about computer
We can’t imagine life without smart machines, which help us work, study, earn money. They replace books, sports, friends. They are computers. Technology has entered in the modern society recently. But it is already a leader of humans’ interests.

Children use PC for playing, entertaining. Grown-ups as well do different activities: read, talk to the others, work on them. Every year new models of advanced machines are invented. They have more functions, applications. The progress doesn’t stay on one place.

Now many things are implemented with the help of computers. They count, analize information, rule, find solvations of problems. They made possible to keep a lot of data, photos, videos, forecast the weather, look for any useful materials. Many people sit in front of their monitors day and night. Even virtual viruses are more harmful than real ones. These threats can destroy systems, where automatic work is based on. You need to press several buttons and here you are. You can buy clothes on the internet, order a pizza or tickets. So, it’s very comfortable to have the fast servise close at hand. Important documents, our passports, personal information are kept in an enormous system. It allows us to see relatives, living far away or watch favourite films. There’s no need to buy books, we can download them from the internet.

Computers have disadvantages, though. People become more lazy. They forget what an alive communication is. They close themselves in a room with their favorite machine, and spend the time this way. The youth is crazy on computers. They idolize gadgets, dreaming of getting a cooler make. They don’t know elementary things, which were value in the past. Unreal effects force them dive in virtuality, that’s why many teenagers have mental problems. The usage of computers should be measured out in doses.

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  1. I believe that computers are a natural continuation of the evolution of mankind. Our capabilities as a thinking unit have been exhausted for quite some time, and computers are like extra power for our brain.

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