Essay about crime

Essay about crime

Essay about crime
Crime is a social phenomenon which is characterized by violation of the law. It is interesting, that crime can be shown for people of all age. Usually the legislation divides crime on weight level. Punishment depends on type of crime, age of the person who has made it and on other circumstances of incident.

On the one hand, at first it is necessary to investigate the reasons of commission of crimes. They can be social, economic, political, ideological or mental. Unfortunately, most often crimes are committed because of financial need of people. In the countries with the low standard of living, the crime rate is many times higher, than in the countries with the developed and stable economy. In the rating of the most criminal countries there are Mexico, Ethiopia and Somalia. Tourists in these countries aren’t enough, even locals are afraid to leave their houses needlessly. While in Switzerland, Denmark or Norway the crime rate is reduced to the least percent.

External circumstances (an unstable political situation in the country, poverty, the low standard of living) push people to break the law and to manage justice. Such situation involves irreversible consequences, turning crime into a way of life. Of course, besides external circumstances, people for the ideological reasons (Nazis or sectarians) or the people suffering from special forms of mental diseases can become criminals as well. For example, kleptomaniacs don’t realize that they steal. But also more serious types of diseases which lead to loss of life meet.

On the other hand, in each country there have to be special regulators of an order. It is the developed system of the legislation, organized work of police and fair judicial system. If not to punish criminals, then it won’t be considered as crime and will become a norm of things.
In my opinion, to avoid crimes, the complex of actions which execution duty, is assigned to the country is necessary. First of all it is necessary always to seek to increase the standard of living. The developed education system and respect for citizens from the state cultivate the culture of the person, reducing the need to steal or kill. So that complex work of all government institutions is necessary to reduce crime rate to a desirable minimum, but it is necessary to begin with itself.

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