Essay about culture

Essay about culture

Essay about culture
Every nation has its own culture, which can be positive or negative. But it doesn’t matter. If people create something new, it means that they keep developing. If this process stops, the whole nation dies.
So, what does the word ‘culture’ mean? In Ancient Greek it was used to describe an agriculture activity.

After cultivating soils, people had to do something with their souls. Even a primate person began to draw pictures on the walls of caves. The first musical instruments were found in graves of that ancient people. It shows that people can’t live without developing. It is the main condition for their existing.

Culture displays the values of the nation. These values can be negative from the point of view an educated and modern person. For example, some African tribes have a cultural tradition to make jewelries from the enemies’ skulls. Of course, this is a negative side of their culture, but it is still a culture. All the cultures keep civilization alive.

There are high culture and folk culture. The folk culture can’t be elitist, because everyone deals with it and can understand it. But the high culture is available for educated or privileged people.

Nowadays, culture is hardly ever connected with nature. The industrial society only can see prospects in technologies. People start forgetting about nature and its beauty. But the worst thing is that they don’t want to respect its resources.

The primal society was depended on the nature and its welfare. It produced all the important resources like food and shelter. People used to notice these facts in picture songs and dances. For instance, the caves drawings show the process of hunting on a mammoth or other animal that doesn’t exist anymore.

It seems to me, that everything we produce in this world is a culture in a way. So, we should mind what we do, write or say in order not to become a laughingstock for the next civilizations.

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