Essay about discussion

Essay about discussion

Essay about discussion

Discussion is a whole science that should be taught from childhood. Everything is important here: the manner of speaking, the skill of providing facts, diction, knowledge. All these components help to build a very good dialogue or polylogue.
Several people (more than two) can participate in the discussion. First, you should determine the topic of your discussion, the plan according to which the answers to the questions will be built.

One of the most common types of discussion is debate. This form is very often used in politics. As a rule, two opponents participate. There is someone who asks questions within the framework of the selected leading topics. “debaters” or opposition politicians bring to each other facts that are designed to prove some of their idea or thought, which is the opposite idea of the opponent.
The discussion, in contrast to the debate, is less aggressive, since it implies as a result a possible consensus between all the parties involved in the discussion.

Often, a discussion can develop into a dispute and an open clash of several opinions that are irreconcilable in their semantic context. These are forms of discussion that are “aggressive” and “tough”.

At the heart of any discussion is the possibility of one party to become more important and dominant. This will lead to the fact that one point of view is impossible to discuss. There must be at least 2 points of view. Otherwise, the need for dominance disappears and the discussion ceases to exist. That discussion lasted longer than it can be renewed, it should be remembered that the discussion leader must think through your questions so that “shape” the discussion has not disappeared quickly, and constantly fueled by new and new microtime.

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2 thoughts on “Essay about discussion”

  1. In my opinion, in order for the discussion not to escalate into a dispute, first of all it is necessary to operate on facts and not subjective beliefs. Perhaps this is not the best option for finding a compromise between people. But the basis of any diskette is the desire to find the truth.

  2. This article indicates that “the discussion OFTEN develops into a conflict.” I do not quite agree with this statement. Perhaps this is due to my environment, but I rarely noticed that the discussion of something turned into a quarrel.
    Usually the discussion was either resolved by domination and recognition of someone’s opinion as more correct, or the question remained open until the following facts were presented that could clarify the issue.

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