Essay about dream

Essay about dream

Let’s be honest – everyone loves to dream. Dreams are that huge power that inspires us, makes us move forward, gives us a purpose in life.
Once I was told, that dreams should become a reality when you want them to the most. Because to be honest, dreams have such a short time of life. Have you ever noticed how you are not even a bit happy after fulfilling your desire that once was a dream, after a really long waiting? It just doesn’t make you feel inspired anymore.

Personally to me dreams are the biggest inspirational instrument. I get the most power to do things when I’m dreaming of how I will achieve my goal. Actually getting something you dreamed of as a reward for you hard work is the biggest stimulus there is. And to be honest it works not only with humans but with animals as well, though in this case the concept of “dream” is a bit exaggerated.
Dreams are great and useful, there is no doubt about that, but not all people realize, that it is never enough just to dream. Sure, some people find in that comfort, but actually achieving their goal takes some effort and hard work. So to become really happy by achieving you dream you have to work for it. The more effort you put into it, the happier you will be when you succeed.

I think that practically any dream is achievable, the only obstacle on the way is one’s laziness or disbelief in own abilities. Modern world offers so many possibilities and ways of achieving different goal that it’s pretty hard to imagine the dream that couldn’t be brought into reality.

Without dreams our lives would be purposeless and much more boring. They inspire us to do great things and making the world around us better, believing in ourselves and people around us. So encourage your kids to dream and witness their eyes sparkling with pure happiness and pride when they achieve it.

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