Essay about dreams and goals

Essay about dreams and goals

This essay deals with dreams and goals. To begin with, one of the most amazing things we can do is dream. We are completely free, when we are dreaming. Nobody can condemn us for our fantasies.
As is well known, the road to a dream is full of brambles and boulders. We should be strong, we should be brave, and most importantly, we should be crazy about what we do.

Love it and enjoy it. If you cannot say that you want to do what you are going to, I guess you should think about it and probably find the problem, find the answer to the questions “what is to stop me from being happy right now?” and “what can I change to be one step closer to the dream?” If you start to ask these questions and carefully analyse the answers, the self-improvement will begin.

From my point of view, on the road to the dream you should set the goals. It helps you to realize that your dream is possible. You will enjoy even the smallest win. And when you make your dream come true, you look back and understand that it was not all for nothing. In spite of the fact that it was extremely hard and sometimes it seemed impossible, you can say that you are truly happy. “Through the thorns to the stars” is the most suitable idiom for this case.

It is clear that your dreams and goals have to be only yours not other’s. Always follow your heart and intuition. Do not let the sound of other’s opinion overlap your own voice. Your mind and heart someway already know what you really want to become. You have no time to live for anyone else except yourself. Your time is limited.

All things considered, in my opinion, the goal of life is to make dreams come true. Many people stop when they meet the goal or fulfill their dreams, however, you should stand out from the crowd. Stay hungry. Do not sit still. Just do it, just think, just create, just dream, just live… You would not even know how high can you fly.

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