Essay about dreams at night

We all have dreams at night. But what are dreams? What are dreams?

In the age of computer technology, scientists are trying to develop devices that could see what a person sees at night. What happens to the human consciousness when he sleeps? These issues have tormented humanity for a long time.
Some people think that a dream is what a person has experienced over the past day, what he has experienced recently. This option is the most common among people.

Other people think that sleep is a projection of the human brain, its feelings. In the dream, there are elements of consciousness, space, universe, soul. Scientists are now trying to work out this version of what sleep is.
In the ancient world believed that the soul goes out of a man when he’s sleeping. And man it was impossible to Wake up, otherwise the soul will not have time to come back and people will die.

So what is a dream? This is the picture that appears in our brain when we sleep. It lasts only 5-15 minutes. There are three phases of sleep, the longest-15 minutes. Thus, sleep is not a process that goes on all night, it’s just a flow of information a certain period of time, which for the whole night does not exceed 30 minutes.

I believe that sleep is what he sees in the human soul, because during sleep, the human brain continues to work, albeit not as actively. Human brain scientists have tried to explore more than once, but they have not received a definite answer to the question: what is sleep?

In General, sleep is just as unexplained phenomenon, like life in the universe. The dream remains for us still a real mystery that is unlikely to unravel in the next few decades.

But if sleep is something that we are trying to bring the highest minds. As if in a dream contains all the information about our world, all the answers to the most pressing issues. What if it is in a dream that our soul connects to the galaxy, and the brain remembers everything that was with a person, his past life

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  1. And I think dreams here are information that comes from our subconscious, or sometimes we read where the future event comes from. There are dreams coming true, my ones have come true more than once.

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