Essay about dreams in life

Essay about dreams in life

Dreams come true …There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t dream at all. Only dreams can give an opportunity to achieve goals. Dreams make us more optimistic. Only that person dreams who believes in the future. We build our thoughts in a certain way when we dream about something. And thoughts as you know become real. Belief in a better future allows us not to lose heart during solving different difficulties and problems in today’s life.

Dreams allow you to set goals and achieve them. A dream is the first step towards the goal setting. As you know if we do not seek anywhere we begin to degrade.
Dreams allow you to believe in yourself. We are the strongest and the best in our dreams. Nothing so raises self-esteem as a dream.

Dreams give faith in people. The dreams are the most valuable thing a person has, they light a fire in his soul, and they force people to work for 20 hours a day and sleep only 4 hours and at the same time do not feel tired. Dreams cause a person to work miracles. Other people simply say: “This is impossible.” But I tell you, if this is your dream, and you are ready to go to it, then nothing is impossible for you. All that you can imagine you can achieve.
Our whole life is full of dreams. All that we see around us is someone’s dream comes true.

Each building that you see was just a vision of one person. It grew out of his imagination. Every brand of car is a figment of someone’s imagination. Think everything we touch is the result of dreams that have come true. And what are your dreams? Woodrow Wilson said: “We have become great thanks to dreams.” All great people are dreamers. If you have a dream you will achieve all that you want but not a person without dreams. A person without dreams is like a blind one.

It is necessary to be optimistic in any situation and not to stop dreaming. Give a chance to your dream and don’t give up!

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