Essay about economy

Essay about economy

Essay about economy
In the modern world economy is one of the most important frame of activity, on which bases our life. Let’s think about what role does the economy play in the society?
Changes in this branch influence on the prices of goods, on the taxes and on the quality of life at all. Different companies think every day about how can they get more profit, and how they can attract buyers to their goods. Everyone take part in the economical progress every day, when people buy something or pay for some services.

For development of economy a lot of clever performances have been invented. Advertising companies come up with memorable videos and products that cause addiction. And at first we think that it is silly and that nobody will buy it, but after some time our friend start to buy this goods and we star to believe that they are useful. So the first rule of economy provide that everyone search some profit.
If you think about it, you will understand that in the ancient times people change different things or food to another. And it was one of the simplest payment process. But in modern world we have a payment currency – money. It is unchangeable unit, with which we can compare everything and determine a price.

Nobody can truly say that he doesn’t need any money? It means that nobody can live without economy. Such system makes our life easier. But there are a lot of different aspects, which surround economy in some cases. For example, difficulties in the supply of materials for light industry or just currency appreciation. And sometimes we forget that our world consist of a lot of smallest details, which can in one moment disappear or depreciate.

And government tries to keep all this factors under control. Their task is to be ready if the system will need to replace any “gear” without loses. Because in economy every minute cost too much.

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