Essay about education and technology

Essay about education and technology

Essay education and technology
Education is a factor which defines our future life. Full, healthy, enjoyable being depend on the education. Illiteracy has been out of rate, and people without knowledge or occupation are considered to be loosers. There’s a small quantity of them who catch the luck and become rich, famous, successful. But it’s more an exception, than a rule. If we want to get benefits and give our children a deserving life, we should be educated.

To begin with, we have to admit that the education process was much more complicated several decades ago. There was no internet, TV, sputnik connection, vidgets, cell phones. Now at our disposal there are all inventions of the brightest minds of the humanity. Every day new discoveries have been made. You can talk on-line to those who are on the opposite side of the planet. With the help of the internet you get any necessary information, staying at home. Libraries became electronic. Music is kept in special servers. So you don’t need to buy CDs or cassettes. You see the modern life offers people a lot of comfort. Also students use achievements of technology and science. Telephones include different programs with applications, able to look for and download information. All these actions take less time than they did before.

You can earn money without going out of home. Amazing changes happened for the sake of the humanity. You may study distantly, passing exams and getting grades, taking advices from experienced teachers while entering the internet. The information can be saved on a small memory card or a flash stick, which fit in your hand.

The 21st century is the time of the technological boom. The children brought up nowadays show brilliant knowledge. Teenagers speak several languages, dance, play musical instruments, do sports and work on computers. They’re advanced and are called Indigo children.

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