Essay about education english

Essay about education english

Essay Education English
Now English language has been spread all around the world. It’s spoken not only in English-speaking countries, but on the continents far from them. Earlier French was fashionable, today it is English. Asian, European, African people try to learn this language. It’s supposed to be easier than the others. Documentation, international agreements, conferences, parlours use it.

The main reason of its popularity is that education is given in English. Literature, internet sites and applications, advertisement we come across every day, make us read, react and know common phrases, words.

Studying of many disciplines like economics, International Law, International Relationship, IT, everything is held in English. Teachers run classes, explain subjects, using the language of Shakespeare. The great contribution to the learning process makes music. Songs of the western culture are repeated by youth, so they get used to understand them. Soon people start speaking English.

When students from abroad come to study in Great Britain, America, Canada, they should know English. If they don’t they go to a preparation course. The lessons last for six months or more. It depends on how they succeed. After the students are ready, they can apply for a vacancy at a university or a college. This way allows to master speaking skills and make sure they’re able to work in big firms, companies.

There are lots of programs which are sponsored by international organizations. These institutes give grants, provide schools with a rich library, full of books in English. Kids are easy to study, so small students learn it quickly. English becomes their Mother tongue. Of course, it is good to speak many languages and be aware of a variety of cultures and customs of foreign countries.

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