Essay about education importance

Essay about education importance

Education importance

Modern people can’t imagine their life without quality education. Many of us want to know more and improve our knowledge. As you know, there are several levels of education: primary, incomplete secondary, complete secondary, secondary vocational, bachelor’s. master’s, postgraduate and doctoral. Everybody may choose what suits him more, what aims he wants to achieve…. But what is the importance of education today?

We have chosen 2 main advantages of the high quality education for modern people.
Firstly, it has a big value on your future salary. People with higher education than secondary vocational has the opportunity to earn more that other who don’t have it. According to the statistics, students who have studied at least 2 years at the university, earn more than $8000 per year more than school graduates. Bachelors earn $11000 a year more than junior professionals and masters earn $9000 per year more than bachelors. On the average, school graduates have $27000 a year salary and an employee with a doctoral degree has about $80000. As you can see, the differentiation in incoming compensates for the costs of studying at a higher educational institution.

The next position is the availability of vacancies. And in the most unfavorable times, the labor market welcomed specialists with higher education much more willingly than graduates of schools. After graduation from the university you will have many times more job offers than yesterday’s schoolchildren. Firms, which in the past wanted to see in their staff everybody, now want to have at least candidates with the degree of junior specialist.

Don’t feel disappointed if you do not succeed. All those who achieved success, had some setbacks, too. There is no age and no barriers for education, the main thing is a desire!

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