Essay about education is important

Essay about education is important

Why education is important
Every parent are concerned about their children’s future. They know good enough that there is one way to achieve something in this life and it is education. That is why they do their best just to provide their children with education. A long time ago only rich people could get an education but now it is available almost for everyone, which is very good. There are a lot of free courses on the internet too. All you need for self-education is an internet connection.

The other thing is that education is a key to the progress. Can you name at least ten scholars who didn’t get education at all? And if there were such people, they surely practiced in self-education. So, what are the other advantages of education? The next one is very convincing. First of all, this is a good assurance that you will be able to earn some money for your living. Intellectual work is more valuable for today and it can bring you joy whether you write some poems or make calculations. Wins the one, who can offer something to this world and if you are uneducated, don’t wait to become successful.

Secondly, education helps to overcome a lot of global problems. Nearly every disease will be treated in the nearest future and we will forget about suffering. Scientists try to find solutions to increase spreading of global pollution. The alternative ways of recycling have been found recently.

Thirdly, it helps to from a common sense and it keeps us from doing stupid things as well. With help of education becomes a personality that can take responsibility for his acts and words.
And last but not least, we can find out the purpose of our life, our calling which will help us to understand this world and ourselves.
To summarize, we can surely say that education is the best part of a human being which helps to develop this world and make our life easier.

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