Essay about education problems

Essay about education problems

Essay about education problems.
Everybody knows how important education is. It gives us knowledge, teaches students and prepares personnel for jobs and new generations of people who present the humanity in definite period of life. Everything that big contains large amounts of problems and social conflicts. And here I am going to list all the problems and describe them, their reasons and possible solutions.

Lack of attention and individual education. That’s one of the biggest problems and reason why pupils and students get completely different results when they graduate. One teacher simply cant educate 20 different pupils. We all born unequal and we all need individual way of study. School cant provide it, it is becoming more and more outdated and the only possible solution is choosing individual way of studying besides school.

Outdated information. School gives us knowledge which has no use after graduating. In our modern world it is more important to search information than remember terabytes of information you don’t know you need or not. The only possible solution is refusing books education and using modern technologies in order to provide necessary and fresh information.

Passive way of study. In our education system students don’t really need to be active, they may sit and do nothing on lessons and then they only need to pass exams, which is not the same as studying. Lessons should make students work in groups and do something themselves because this is the only way to assimilate information.

These problems are very hard to solve in current system and there are even more big problems like professional uncertainly and lack of innovations in studying process. Although these problems are hard to solve we should do something to change the situation and improve education in order to provide better conditions for future generations.

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