Essay about education system in india

Essay about education system in india

Education system in India
The system of education in India today is directed to bringing up a developed person in all areas. But despite a long history and culture, the level of education in India is low. 

Pre-school education
There is no separate pre-school education in India. Small children study at home. The mother is the main teacher for a child. But if parents work and they can’t teach their offspring, nurses help them. Also there exist something like kindergartens where a child spends most of his/her day. Here children learn foreign languages and prepare for school.

The peculiarities of secondary education
Today every citizen of India must have school education. 10 grades is a minimal background. Children start school at 4 and finish at 14. There are exist 11th and 12th grades. They are for people who want to enter a university. Secondary schools are free but if parents want their children to have better education, they choose for offspring private school. Fee here is 100 or 200$ per month. It is interesting that in India exists the biggest school in the world where 32,000 pupils study. Children in every school should wear a uniform.

System of High education
Universities in India have 3 programs: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and Ph.D. Studies. The most popular professions are IT, management, and technology. High education can be free for Indian citizens if the university give grant. The fee is not so high in the most precious high school, just 15,000$ per year. IT-specialists who had finished Indian universities are in demand all over the world.

The level of education in India is low, a lot of people are illiterate. To get good knowledge in free secondary schools is almost unreal, so if the family is not poor, they will send their child to a private one. Even students from Russia, Kazakhstan and other European countries want to study in this country because of a low fee.

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