Essay about education system

Essay about education system

Education system

One of the problems of the modern education system is a lack of motivation among the children. The previous generation got the idea that one needs learn well at school and then in a college to get eventually a good job, and to be successful in life. Nowadays, many things has changed. With the difficulties of modern life including economical instability, the old formulas don’t work anymore.

The education system we have now was created in different circumstances. It was formed in the era of the industrial boom and under influence of the ideas of the enlightenment. In this paradigm, a well-educated person must know the classics and be able to think deductively. All that we can name academic capability. That is the line that differs educated people from others. It is rather clear, but, in some aspects, this approach leaves many smart persons outboard.

The current teaching methods, as a rule, don’t consider the individuality of the students. It’s no surprise that they lose their concentration and interest if we take into account that they are just forced to swot up some subjects, themes and facts which they can’t use in real life. So this is the main cause of the detachment of many children now.

With the testing system, the situation is getting harder. Students are told that they must study well to pass the tests. Business interests influence on modern education system as well. Schools turn into factories producing their students that could fit for this industrialized society. Such soulless rationalism can be harmful for the artistic side of the human mind when creativeness is depressed by a dogma set.

To create a new type of education, the authorities, schools, teachers and students have to unite their efforts. First of all, we need to formulate the basic principles of the system to get the result we really expect. Changing the situation means transition from the production line type to that kind of education where every student would get a chance to develop his or her own abilities and talents.

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