Essay about education

Essay about education

Essay about education
A word education is very popular with young generations nowadays. Everyone wants to study, because knowledge is a contribution for the future. Being educated means success and big opportunities. You are able to choose an occupation, make a career, earn much. Companies demand diplomas, certificates, which verify the person’s status.

We start studying since childhood. The first step is school. There teachers try to give us the basic information about the world structure. They as well teach many subjects that can be useful further. After school students continue getting qualifications at colleges,universities, academies. Studies become more difficult, but the graduates don’t regret of the time and efforts they spent. People usually have perspective positions. The best candidates get paid well and reach the top of the professional ladder.

Self – education is also spread among those, who study themselves. The individuals read, learn, practice different disciplines. There’s a wide choice: languages, IT, art etc. It depends on your preferences. The epoch of internet allows to find necessary information at once. You don’t need to visit libraries and wait for your turn to take a book. Right at home you just click on sites and here you are: manuels, electronic newspapers, dictionaries, works of famous writers.

Though possibilities to be enlightened haven’t got borders, many people are ignorant. In the countries where there is war or girls don’t have a right to study – the population leaves illiterate. The problem can be seen all over the world. Another reason is the poverty. It causes the need to bring money home and feed the family instead of wasting time for studies. Or poor people often can not pay for expensive courses. Anyway, education is very important both for girls and boys. It’s never late to study.

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  1. Education is very important now. One should not feel like a full-fledged person without constant self-development and training. I believe that everyone should get a higher education and only then there will be harmony in the world and in different countries

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