Essay about educational background

Essay about educational background

Education — an important part of our life. It happens two types: study in educational institutions and self-education. If there is a wish to be the clever and interesting person, it is necessary to combine both ways.

Educational institutions offer study at school and the university. At school it is possible to get an incomplete secondary education (9 classes) after which it is possible to study in college and also senior secondary education (11 classes) after which it is possible to study in college and the university.

Colleges mostly study on working specialties — they are in great demand in the labor market. Students graduate from college with practical abilities. At the university large volume is occupied by the theory. Besides, in educational institutions after school give the general knowledge, for example, of a philosophy or cultural science.

I consider that is unimportant where to study, the main thing — it has to be interesting and informative for the student. Otherwise the profession won’t please every day, and on the contrary, will irritate.

But knowledge is only not enough college or university to get a good job and to be an interesting person. It is necessary to develop independently: to read art and useful literature on the interesting spheres, to learn foreign languages, to play sports, to learn to contact to people.

Modern education offers not only training programs. At the universities there are student’s clubs on interests in which it is possible to learn interesting things and to get acquainted with unfamiliar information. Practically in each educational institution there are teams organizing cultural actions — here it is possible to sing, dance, draw, juggle, to develop the talent. It is possible to be the volunteer — to help elderly, to children, animal.

Education gives boundless opportunities. It is necessary to use them, especially now when all people have Internet access and to various courses.

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