Essay about effect

Essay about effect

Essay about effect
Effect is the determinative factor in the settlement of the conflict. And even when they talk about peaceful ways, actually the strongest wins. This is the law of life. That’s why most of people dream of authority and try to seize the power. The effect is an opportunity to govern, give orders, get anything desirable. Humanity shed the brotherhood’s blood in order to use benefits, available on our planet. In the majority of cases they apply violence, because nobody likes to submit. Of course, it won’t forget that any force can meet counteraction.

The effect itself has got different kinds: physical, moral, financial. The power of money is very considerable. Almost everything can be bought and sold. It’s more profitable than fight, destroying cities and killing innocent population. In fact there’s no secret how information propaganda works. Big sums are spent to advertisment. It helps to persuade spectators in ideas, necessary to rich people. Customers buy goods presented as very important for life.

Tycoons rule the masses by the popularization of ideas appropriate for their business. The mechanism brings excellent results. Without a war they gain the wishful.

The effect belongs not only for those whose pockets are full of money. Smart and clever people can be respectful and use the strength of the mind in the society. Such intelligence is equal to the effect. When you are able to solve problems and arrange various things, it witnesses of your individual skills to reach the goals. Perfect leaders aren’t athletes with rocks of muscles.

They are people whose effect is expressed in mental abilities. Try to develop your intellectual faculties, the true effect won’t resist and will enter your life. You’ll be able to build the future you dream of and make your fate help you.

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