Essay about endangered panda

Essay about endangered panda

Essay about endangered panda

Pandas are mammals of the bear family, which have a black-and-white color and are similar to raccoons. Since the second half of the last century, pandas are the second emblem of China
Before the pandas killed the peasants, who thought that these animals attack their dwelling.
In our time, pandas are on the verge of extinction. People are seriously concerned about this problem and trying to help. Despite all efforts, the number of pandas is still decreasing.

What is the reason for their disappearance? First, as the habitat of Panda bears is the South-Western China, and industry, urbanization and other human activities lead to the fact that these places are starting to disappear. Since not only the loss of home affects the disappearance, but also the loss of food, the animals are trying to survive in limited conditions.

Secondly, poaching is also a reason for the extinction of pandas. before people kill pandas for their beautiful fur, but then there was a law prohibiting this kind of activity. But when China’s population began to increase, people still kill these animals.
Now there are special organizations for the protection of endangered species of animals. There are a number of laws that restrict the activities of poachers on pandas. For the murder of a Panda man is punished: prison term or death penalty. All pandas are under the supervision of the UN and IUCN .

There is also another problem of the Panda population. When individual male and female will not be able to converge, with the result that there will be no offspring. Even if the offspring appears, then 1-2 calves born, and the mother often cares about only one cub.
In conclusion, I want to say that not only pandas, but also many other species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. People just need to be more careful about nature and preserve it.

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