Essay about environment

Essay about environment

Essay about environment
We are surrounded by people, animals, nature, material things. All these form an environment. It influences on the existence of alive and even interacts with everything. Stones, water, air are different, but they contact with each other. They form weather and define the state of ecology on the Earth. Our planet has got various kinds of fauna and flora, they accostum to extreme changes of the climate.

Glaciers begin to melt, this process causes the global warmth. Birds fly away from places where it’s difficult to find food. Animals die from hunger or humans’ interference in their lives.

The problem of pollution makes the environment dirty. Millions of cars use petrol which gases poison the atmosphere. Every year the irrational usage of natural resources harm the common system of the environment. Living in the cities is dangerous, because factories and plants evolve bad wastes. The air is full of toxic stuff. People themselves feel uncomfortable. They get tired more quickly, have headache, allergy.

The reason of the weak health hides in their environment. The water as well contains many harmful metals. These factors illustrate that careless attitude to the environment can lead to a catastrophe. We are able to stop the disaster if we understand the importance of each item: a tree, a river, an insect. People can’t live separately from them. We enter onto the community of nature and we are answer for keeping it clean and healthy.

We have to find ways to save the planet from destructing influence of our activities. This is in our primary interests.
Environment needs a special approach. It should be a matter of one of the most essential questions to solve. If we want to live long and safe in the healthy surrounding we must be more responsible for our environment, defent and worry about it.

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